Environmental Protection Department

The Environmental Protection Department was established as a special organizational unit in April 2002. It performs tasks in the field of the environment within the common services of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

ENVIRONMENTAL AREAS COVERED BY Environment Protection Department are:

  • industrial pollution: industrial emissions, emissions into water, emissions into air, volatile organic compounds (solvents), paints and varnishes, accident prevention, storage, noise, environmental charges….,
  • waste management: general and by type of waste: packaging waste, waste electrical and electronic equipment, waste batteries and accumulators, waste oils, environmental charges…,
  • climate change, protection of the ozone layer: CO2 emissions, ozone-depleting substances, fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases), environmental tax on CO2 and F-gases…,
  • voluntary programs and initiatives: EMAS, Ecolabel and other eco-labeling of products and services, environmental and energy management systems (SIST EN ISO 14001: 2005, ISO 50001: 2011), environmental activities, environmental innovations ...

The professional work of the Deaprtment is led and coordinated by the director of the service. Tasks in individual areas of the environment are performed by independent consultants.

Antonija Božič Cerar
01/5898 196

Senior Consultant
Romana Benčina
01/5898 197